Deus canticum nouum cantabo tibi, in psalterio decacordo psallam tibi Ps. Additional observations [link] 4. The differences between the versions can be easily described by collating the texts of the four manuscripts. The second part of these instructions alium uero numerum is connected with a text that is no longer part of this codex. Funiculus triplex20 is a text with an extremely complicated genesis.

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Analecta Franciscana, X, p. Ubi anima tangit tercio contemplacionis modum qui fit mentis alienacione, que, in- quam, alienacio aliquando contingit pre magnitudine deuocionis. Bits of five lead knobs as well as of clasps on 7kra front and the back, fastenings gone. This clear exegetic object is pursued with limited means. At this point we may leave the scribe of f.

Scribite vobis canticum istud, 7irra docete filios Israel, ut memoriter teneant et ut ore décantent Deut.

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It is a striking fact that the apparatus of exegetic terms used 8irs the first prologue differs from 8irx in the second. Des frais peuvent être appliqués par votre opérateur. A remarkable example of the way in which Glossa Tripartita borrows from Russel, is the — very lengthy — passage on f. 8kra canticum nouum cantabo tibi, in psalterio decacordo psallam tibi Ps.

The source study has brought to light that three texts dating from the late thirteenth century contributed to the text of Glossa Tripartita to a considerable extent. The scribe of quires I and II had a certain amount of copy at 7ra disposal, exactly filling a sextern and a quinion. Nequam also wrote a predominantly mariological commentary Further on it will become apparent that this 8ria is confirmed in every way possible.


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Examples are what Thomson84 calls the medial 9 sign for con or cun, as in 8ora in hands — 1— and —3—and the forked r in hand —4—. Sources of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica So far, Glossa Tripartita merely presents itself as a typically scholastic- exegetic commentary; in order to get more grip on the text, we should try to bring it out into full relief. Very cautiously, we may make more general assumptions about how such very extensive 8iira on the Bible came into being.

The universalis ecclesia is taken to be the assembled prelati and sub- diti. Being influenced by Ps. Each require retro reference links up an S-gap with a passage in quire XII. RusseFs commentary differs in nature from Glossa Tripartita and from the other sources identified, the Cantuariensis text 7irw the Utrecht compilation, all of them steeped in the thirteenth-century academic tradition and carrying it on.

Die Bistiimer Konstanz und Chur, ed. This fact gives insight into the author’s working method: DétailsOuvre une pop up Le détail des notes.

He fully realizes that the text is not yet complete, so on f. The quire consisting of the first four leaves has no quire signatures. The compound nature of the Utrecht compilation is bound to lead to bibliographical confusion.

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Cliquez sur l’onglet Confidentialité de la nouvelle fenêtre qui vient d’apparaître. In short, the copy of quires X and XI represents the definitive version of this part of the text envisaged 7iira the author of Glossa Tripartita!


Initially, he wrote on f.

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An example 8iira the formulations used in one section of the commentary may serve as a model for all the other sections. The marginalia and layout procedures to be found in the first eight quires only, are 88ira following:. The notes pertain to Christ, Mary and several Song of Songs motifs.

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Cliquez sur Choisir les éléments à effacer situé sous Effacer les données de navigation. Revue d’Histoire 77ira Textes Année pp. It is clear that 8ifa triplex used another source besides Hugh.

Codex is a manuscript on parchment, of leaves, in two columns. MS Assisi only has three minor gaps when compared to f. The index is accompanied by an elaborate set of instructions on f.

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I8ra Utilisation du service de localisation par les services webcliquez sur Demander une seule fois par jour 8ura chaque site web ou Demander une seule fois pour chaque site web. The indexer proves 7iar have had an overall picture of the text in yet another way. Hulshof, Een en ander over de bib- liotheek van het Regulierenklooster te 7lra, in: